We hear this term “Content Marketing” so often. And there is so much buzz surrounding it. But do we actually know what it is? 


Let’s understand the basics of Content Marketing. 


What is Content Marketing? 

In simpler words, Content Marketing is nothing but creating different content pieces like blogs, videos, podcasts but not with the sole purpose of selling your product but with the intent of educating the audience and stimulating their interest in your product and service. 

Over the years, content marketing has come out to be one of the most effective ways for brands to reach out to new customers and retain existing customers by stimulating engagement. It essentially drives traffic to your site, establishes you as a leading voice in your industry, and gives audiences useful, actionable content that they need to solve their problems.

Above mentioned are the obvious and more noticeable benefits of putting a content marketing strategy in place for your brand. But there are some mind-boggling and lesser-known benefits that this technique can bring to the table. Let’s look at them. 

Content Marketing takes Brand Affinity at an all-time high 

One of the most beneficial bonuses that content marketing will bring to your organization is increased brand affinity. Here, consumers start to feel more passionately about and share the values of a company or brand.

Content Marketing lets you hold a larger remarketing audiences

Fortunately, content marketing is effective at so many levels that it allows you to create highly refined remarketing audiences based on the website traffic it generates. Given that, content marketing becomes a super-effective technique for increasing your conversion rates.



Content Marketing drives traffic through image searches

While you employ content marketing techniques, there’s a chance for you to optimize every single image you include with your content to appear more prominently in image searches. This basically means that each picture is a “free” opportunity to rank for certain image queries, which is very likely to drive significant traffic to your site over time.


Content Marketing plays a great hand in Feeding Your Social Flywheel

There is a special benefit that content marketing can bring on to your social media channels. This is more about how publishing quality and relevant content regularly over time can help you create what is called the “flywheel effect.” Ideally, it can consistently help you grow your audience, create brand recall, establish credibility in your industry, increase brand awareness, and provide you with further conversion opportunities.


Now, you know all the basics of content marketing. What it really is and what it really has to offer. 



All in all, if you put it in the most simpler terms, content marketing makes you look cool, run faster, jump higher, and schmooze with the cool kids at parties.

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