Due to the whole Covid19 scene, the business world has spiraled up and down in almost every aspect of conducting business.  All of us have been facing the difficulty of not only getting new clients but also retaining the existing ones. While we understand that the whole idea of conducting business works on an ecosystem where everyone co-exists, right now survival has become of utmost importance for every entity involved in this ecosystem.


Almost every industry and every organization of these industries are facing the dilemma of attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. Here are a few powerful techniques that you can deploy to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.


Do a situational analysis

Most of us assume the worse before checking on the facts. Most of the tines, situations aren’t so bad as we make them in our heads. So start with fact-checking and closely assessing the options available to you to help drive customer/client engagement.


Thank your long-term business clients

Don’t make the mistake of sending the same email to all of your clients. Your long-term collaborators deserve more than that. Convey how thankful you are for their support. Also, let them know you are available and how to contact you if they need anything. And offer them an incentive for when they can visit you again.


Reassure the recently on-boarded clients

Have you contacted the clients that you had just on-boarded? They will surely appreciate the reassurance. This will help you build a foundational relationship and certainly your credibility. Again, relay the options available to them.


Exploit this opportunity for innovating


Most of us are too busy day-to-day to dedicate time to innovation and product development. Times like these when the world has slowed down are great opportunities to take a step back and assess your product/service range. Challenge your teams to be creative on quick-to-market and long-term strategies. And most importantly, rather than envisioning the uncertain future, focus on what can be one today and how you can make the most of it for your clients/customers.


All in all, times like these make us take a step back and give us time to reinvent our thoughts. Sometimes, slowing down is a great opportunity to gear up the momentum. So be considerate of the situation and communicate with your clients that their interest is at the heart of your organization’s policy.

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