Social Media Marketing has evolved phenomenally over the years. It has evolved in majorly all senses- the way is conducted to the way it is perceived to the way more and more industries are getting their hands on it.

 Initially, all Social Media Marketing was perceived as for generating brand awareness and great brand recall. Today, the whole process from customer acquisition to retention is conducted over social media and that too flawlessly.

 For this, different avenues of organic and paid social are used. Organic social means using the available tools of the social channels and driving organic search and attention to your brand. This involves posting, stories, polls, etc. Next is paid social wherein you run campaigns for awareness, consideration, and conversion to reach a newer audience according to your set preferences.

 Given that, over the years there has also been a lot of buzz about integrating paid social media marketing with organic social media marketing. That’s actually the correct strategy to have.

 An optimum social media marketing strategy is one where paid social and organic social is combined to make a hybrid mix so that the merits of both can be exploited to the maximum utilization.

 Let’s look at the benefits in a little more detail

Organic Social - Benefits

• It is free.

• You can develop free campaigns using custom hashtags.

• It helps is deriving consumer data.

• Establishes trust and transparency.

•It is a great venue for telling your brand story and building a brand community.

•User-generated content can bring you tremendous visibility.

Paid Social - Benifits

• Connects your brand with a newer and potential audience.

• Helps with retargeting.

• Paid promotions keep your audience informed about the latest offers and updates.

• It’s a great conversion tool.

• Paid social can reinforce the values and messages that are released through organic social.

• Makes targeting audience easier, better, and far more efficient.


Integrating the two

Integrating organic social and paid social a new way to achieve stellar social media marketing results. In what proportions to integrate is something that every brand will have to take a subjective call on. It can be 60-40, or 50-50 or 70-30, it completely depends upon what your goals are and where amongst the awareness, consideration, and conversion stage your brand currently is.

 Making a hybrid mixture of the two means getting the best of both of these and harnessing the world of opportunities that social media marketing can bring to your brand.

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