According to some surveys, Podcast Listeners Have Grown 37.5% in 3 Years. Numbers don’t lie and this statistic right here is a testament to how huge the podcasting industry is going to be in the next few years. Ready to explore more?

Let's look at the top reasons as to why podcasting will be a go-to medium for users and marketers.

Explosive Growth

So far, the podcast and the audiences both were of English origin. Now in the coming years, we are going to witness more and more of regional content coming up in podcasting. Since smartphones are not only restricted to English speaking people and the internet is kind of more than accessible these days, opening up regional podcasts might just be the way for marketers to reach new audiences and entertain them with better content.

The emergence of new platforms

To explore podcasting as a new medium, the users and marketers will never fall short of platforms. New and new platforms will emerge and the old ones will double down. The new platforms can range from anything to fresh new applications, smart speakers, internet-connected car systems, smart exercise machines, or completely something that we cannot even think of right now.


Advertisers and Corporates 

The coming years are going to be a watershed for more and more brands and businesses to enter audios. More and more corporates will also start investing in integrations on existing shows as well as in branded content initiatives for the internal as well as external communication. Podcasting is an incredibly intimate and authentic medium. It will solve the organizations’ problems of filtering information and miscommunication amongst the hierarchy. All in all, be it internal communication or external, podcasts are what people are going to choose over the coming years.

Over the years, this industry has only gotten dynamic but now it is intriguing to see where the podcasting wave takes us.

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