As brands that are trying to make the most of social media, it becomes very imperative for you to generate more followers and likes and access the potential customers on social. While there are a lot of things that you might be doing right, there are also a few things that you might be doing wrong. 


Let’s look at a few things that if you do right, will let you generate more Instagram Following. 


Showing up regularly- One of the most important things to do right on social media is to keep showing up regularly so that you’re on the top of your user’s feeds and minds. This is not concerning the timing of your posting or that particular day of the week, it is about consistency. Post consistently with content that not only attracts new customers but also retains them. 


Quality Content Always- If you want to ace the social media game, quality content is the only thing that will take you up the game. Understand your audience well, gauge what they like the most, and create content in that format and alignment to their interest so that they look forward to more content from you. Also, the shareability quotient of your content is a very important factor here. The more shareable and relatable your content is, the more are the chances of you reaching a newer audience via your current audience. 


More Stories- Regular and interesting story buckets go a long way on Instagram. Stories have more reach and visibility so you better capitalize on that. Create something that builds some visual interest and catches the eye of your followers so they keep watching.


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Hashtags- Hashtags might be overrated but if you use them correctly, you might see yourself finding new people to connect with every time. Don’t overdo it, use sufficient hashtags but relevant ones. 

Location- Share your location every time you post so that people around you can see and maybe they can come and visit your page. 


Competitors- They are people on Instagram that do what you do and you can always access their followers. 


Complementary brands- These are businesses on Instagram that round out what you do in your business. Locate them because that’s where the majority of your customers are. 


Customer favorites- Your set of customers might like something completely unrelated to your brand. You can find these “favorites” by asking people or going through their accounts. Find an equilibrium with their favorites to connect with these people. 


Follow these simple tips and grow your Instagram following organically. Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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