Memes have been around for a while and it would come as no surprise that it is one of the most content forms to be consumed by the viewers today on social media. They are light, fresh, and convey the message in a fun way! What more does the audience want! Right? 


Memes are the one-way ticket to create viral content that stays on the top of your audience’s minds. Plus, let’s not forget the shareability factor here. They are the most shared content on social channels now given the high degree of relevance that Gen Z can so easily connect with them.


Memes are everywhere

Name the social channel- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat memes are everywhere. They are more than just a trend. They are now the main source of infotainment for the Millenials and the GenZ.


It’s the meme culture There was a time when memes were considered a trend. Now, it’s more of popular culture. Trends come and go, culture is what stays and memes have kept so well with the changing times that now we see everything better in that format. 


Memes are super cost-effective

These campaigns are far more reasonably priced than influencers and deliver far better traction when it comes to connecting with the audience in their tone.


Creativity on the peak

Now, if everyone could make memes, they would not be such a royalty, right? Memes are the epitome of creativity. They are all about executing creative thoughts on paper in such a way that the audience connects with it right in the first second.  


Memes are super insightful. Just like advertising 

Memes are relatable because they speak of what we see and what we believe. We resonate with them so much because sometimes they convey something the advertising message cannot. Memes are by far the simplest yet most effective way to communicate with your audience. 


Magnanimous reach 

There are no barriers to communication when it comes to Memes. Memes are followed and created in every language and for every community. They are much more insightful and targeted than dubbed copies.


Above all, the fact that memes are most loved by the audience is the most important factor here. If you as a brand do what your audience already loves, you have better chances of creating brand recall like none other. What do you think?

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