As correctly said, not promoting your business online is like opening a shop and not telling anyone about it. This statement stands as correct as it could in the context of social media marketing. With online marketing gaining importance by every second, it becomes imperative for your brand to match up the industry trends. One might wonder as to why social media marketing holds such magnanimous importance in the context of modern marketing. There are a few stellar benefits that being active on social will bring to your brand. 


Your customers are on social media- If you want to grow your business, you necessarily have to be where your consumers are. And as of now, your consumers are all over social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest. So in order to reach them and create your dazzling brand presence, you will have to go on social and create optimized content to keep your entity on the top of their minds. 


Increases Brand Recognition- Being actively present on the social media platforms will notch your visibility one level higher. Therefore with every post that you post, you directly contribute towards increasing your brand recognition not only to your actual customers but to the potential ones too. 


Reach specific audiences - With traditional marketing like Television Commercials and print & outdoor mediums, reaching specific audiences was a hectic task for marketers. Not only because mass media was the rule but also because the results were never measurable and traceable. With social media marketing coming into the picture, different platforms can be leveraged for the specific set of target audiences that are using them with the online advertisements that you run whose results are quantifiable now in terms of lead generation, reach and engagements. 


Supremely cost-effective - Marketing through social media is supremely cost-effective in comparison to lakhs of rupees that marketers had to invest in television slots and newspaper advertisements. And cutting costs here does not mean that you are sacrificing on results. Stellar results can be generated through social media marketing only by creating innovative content and interacting with your audiences. 


Gain new customer insights - Nothing is static when it comes to modern marketing. And therefore with social channels, you can gain new and revised insights about your target audience. Also, with social media you will be able to reach the customers, you didn’t even know existed. Hence it is a great deal, business-wise, cost-wise and results-wise. 


Your customers along with your competitors are on social. Not being on social only has large scale implications on your brand awareness and visibility. Moreover, genius is in knowing what to do and when because without timely execution, the master plans also stand worthless.


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